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Note: Currently on break from raiding waiting on WoD release. Applicants for WoD content still welcome.

<Shadowscourge> is a 9 year old WoW guild, transferred last year from a US server to Jubei'Thos.
We're mostly Kiwi's and Aussies, with a few others thrown into the mix.

What we need and how we've done!
We're currently looking for excellent DPS and Healers to bolster our ranks for WoD.
For current content, we'll consider any exceptional DPS or Heals of ilvl 550+.

Currently 9/14 in SoO Heroic 10.

What level of difficulty?
We raid normal level content primarily with the aim to tackle heroic content in due course.

When we raid

Wednesday nights at 9:00pm NZ time (7:00pm Server) for about 2-3 hours (generally to clear farm content)
Friday nights at 8:30pm NZ time (6:30pm server) for 3-5 hours (progression)

What sort of people are you?
We're easy going but focussed. Lots of vent chat during trash but we're there to kill bosses. Outside of raiding we're very social, we've had many guild BBQs and gatherings in both NZ and Australia. Friday night drinks with serious goals ;)

What does the guild bring?
Stability and drive, we've been doing this for 8 years (and many of our players have been with us that long) and we know how to get things done. All the usuals for raiding, paid repairs, enchants and gems, potions and flasks. A resource of experienced players to offer advice or help with furthering your character.

What do you look for in guildies?
We aren't just looking for raid numbers, we're looking for players who want somewhere to settle down. Generally our numbers drop not because people leave the guild but because they stop playing. Many of our members have been with us a long time, many have left and come back. We're a good home :)
Other Guild News

Kathryn Winnick, Viking shield-maiden

sloburn, Mar 3, 15 4:48 AM.

27-FEB-2015 - Shadow downs Operator Thogar, 7/10N BRF

Uzu, Mar 1, 15 6:19 PM.

Heroic Malkorok

Denker, May 19, 14 11:55 PM.

Heroic Malkorok down!  9/14H10

mmmm the reason i will be watching vikings as soon as cancellation season ends
yeah I'm #2695 in the queue now. Learning about queues today.
#1823 in queue T^T
264 in the Jubei'Thos queue -- whoa. Never seen a queue here before and suddenly, it's 264.
Adoraphi - why you loot so many fragments!!! :(
where the hell is a picture of a woman.... do i have to post a picture of me with peanut butter on my nipples ???
Greatest name ever imo
Rammrod's alt
Who the hell is Moosecannon?
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